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Running Medals

Our factory mainly making sports running medals, badges, and keychains for more than 10 years. We have our own complete production line, from manufacturing artwork to packaging and shipping. We are the real source sports running medal manufacturers in China.
We supply many sports running medals a day to America, Europe, and Oceania. Due to our competitive price, high-quality products, and good service, American CROWN AWARDS company and British RUNNING IMP company visited our factory every year before 2019. They have reached a great business relationship with our factory.
Each of our departments and every production link has QC. They inspect each product carefully. And the products can’t go to the next department before passing the inspection.
Before shipment, each department supervisor and production manager must sign to confirm the quality of the running medal. Then we will arrange to deliver the medals.
Our race medals factory has also passed ISO 9002:2015, Sedex, and Environmental Protection Verification. So it is very convenient to order Sports running medals from China. It takes about 12-15 days to make 500-1000pcs running medals, 3-5 days for shipping. You can receive the custom running medals at home or at the office.

In recent years, as more and more ordinary people participate in running events. And running activities around the world have gradually become popular. At the same time, in response to the call for national fitness, many cities hold half-marathon or full-marathon events.


The enthusiasm for sports, the contestants will be awarded running medals after the game to show everyone their results of the game. When they hang running 5k medals, 10k medals, virtual medals, custom race medals, half marathon medals, marathon medals, and running challenge medals around their necks. Running medals have a special meaning.


So what do these running medals mean? For those who love running, this medal represents the completion of the race and the achievement of their goals. In the process of running, there are painful tears, perseverance sweat, cheering laughter and crying to give up. These are just like they encountered various difficulties and ups and downs in life. But they did not give up and persisted until the end.


What a joy in my heart to win a run over hardships and hardships. The honor received at this special time not only comforts the runners but also encourages them. For those who don't like running, this running medal may be the finished product of the metal material. For those who love running, this running medal is a force that encourages them to keep going. Maybe this is the meaning of the medal.


In our country, there are more and more sports events and national events and the significance of the existence of medals is also growing. It extends from individuals to cities and even the whole country. This running medal is an encouragement for individuals and an encouragement for cities. A way of cultural transmission is a reflection of economic development for a country. And the same medal has different meanings in different roles. Along with that, the craftsmanship of running medals has gradually improved, and the process has changed from simple to complex.


From the previous single electroplating color to now multiple electroplating colors. Such as bright color, antique color and matte color, running medals can be large or small, with different shapes and appearances. These colors, sizes, appearances and accessories can be freely customized , the processing technology is no longer monotonous and unified. It can't only paint and spray oil, but also polish, engrave, die-cast. The processing process is becoming more and more refined. At the same time, more and more events also require such customized running medals.


They will the invisible culture and power are passed on in this visible way, and everyone is encouraged to persevere! In this way, the running medal is endowed with important and profound meaning. Everyone who receives the medal is worthy of recognition and praise!