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Marathon Medals/Running Medals

Our factory makes sports marathon medals, half marathon medals, virtual run medals, virtual marathon medals, badges, and keychains. We have make them for more than 10 years. We have our own complete production line from manufacturing artwork to packaging and shipping. We are the real source sports marathon medals manufacturer in China.
We supply many sports marathons medals /running medals a day to America, Europe, and Oceania. We have our competitive price, high-quality products, and good service.
American company: CROWN AWARDS and British company RUNNING IMP visited our factory every year before 2019. They have reached a great business relationship with our factory.
Each of our departments and every production link has QC. And each product must be carefully inspected by QC. The products cannot to the next department before passing the inspection. Every department supervisor and production manager must sign and confirm the quality of the marathon medals are good to go before shipment.
Our marathon medals factory has also passed ISO 9002:2015, Sedex, and Environmental Protection Verification. So it is very convenient to purchase Sports running medals from China.
It takes about 12-15 days to make 500-1000pcs Running medals, 3-5 days for transportation. You can receive the marathon medals at home or at the office, no need you to check always where the medals are.

Marathon medals are mostly made of metal. The most used material is zinc alloy. Zinc ally is a reasonable price characterizes. the product will not rust and can be stored for a long time, then iron, stainless iron, copper. Marathon Medals for children can also be made of plastic or PVC.
The normal processes of the running medals include soft enamel, imitation hard enamel, glitter, transparent, glow in the dark, and printing. Each process has different effects.
Plating colors are Shiny gold/silver/copper, Matt gold/silver/copper, Antique gold/silver/copper, Black nickel, Imitation shiny gold, Spray black, Paint blue or red, etc for running medals.
About Ribbon of the Marathon: Woven single color ribbon, striped colors ribbon, one color printing ribbon, sublimated ribbon.
With the rapid economic development around the world, people are no longer limited to food and clothing. They have begun to pursue spiritual joy and satisfaction. Nowadays, more and more people like to participate in marathon events in various cities, so the famous scene is coming. Why are some people willing to participate in the tiring and hard running of the marathon? Willing to hold on? The reason is actually very simple! For those who love running, they do not care about the results of running but prefer to enjoy the joy brought to them during the running process, just like the love of life. And it is precisely because of this love that they will persevere , and the runners who persisted to the end will win a marathon medal. Winning these marathon medals represents the completion of the race. Getting the marathon medal witnesses your sweat and proves that you have overcome the difficulties in the running process. With pain, conquer yourself. Because of your persistence and accumulation, the heavy marathon medals have important significance in your hands. It is no longer an ordinary marathon medal, but this marathon medal is no different from broken metal in the eyes of people who don’t like running. , To put it nicely, it is a handicraft with elemental design. For runners, this running medal symbolizes struggle, success, honor, and recognition for what they have always insisted on. And this recognition satisfies people's spiritual needs in real life and inspires them to keep going forward and running hard. Now the marathon medals are not only a single product with a unique design, but also a symbol of perseverance! This is why running a marathon is so tiring, but some people still insist.