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Stock Award Medals Or Sports Medals Here Without Mold Charge

As one of the leading professional stock award medals manufacturers. Our award medals factory has many advantages in award medals products, such as running, marathons, singing, bicycle, dancing competitions. Our sports medals factory has 80 professional production workers. We have been certificated by ISO 9001: 2015 and Sedex. And we make many stock award medals for our clients with the best service and competitive prices.


Item: Stock award medals | metal sports medals
Mold charge: None
MOQ: 10pcs
Process: Die casting / Die strucking
Material: Zinc alloy / Iron / Brass / Stainless Steel.
Plating color: Gold / Silver / Bronze / Antique gold / Antique silver / Antique Bronze / Spray Black or Spray other colors.
Sample Time: 2days
Delivery Time: About 3days for less than 3000pcs
Packing: Poly Bag / Bubble Bag / OPP Bag / Plastic Box / Gift Box.
Shipment: 3-5days by Airfreight priority and 40-60days by Seafreight

If you are interested in these Stock Award Medals | Metal Sports Medals, please feel free to contact us.

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1.The information about Stock Award Medals Or Sports Medals

With the rise of sports all over the country, the demand for trophies and medals is increasing. But we find that though many customers are not able to provide the designs of award medals. but they also need to purchase sports medals for their competitions.

Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of these customers who don't have award medal designs, our company has developed various kinds of stock sports medals. The designs of these stock award medals are designed by our own designers, The types of award medals are: Marathon medal, running medal, swimming medal, cycling medal, dance medal, taekwondo medal, music medal etc...

With these medals in stock, customers can easily choose their favorite award medals style, they can put words on the front of the stock medals. Or put words or logo on the back of the stock sports medals. You can buy the award medals as long as the quantity is more than 10 pcs and pay no mold fee. There are many ordinary ribbons for customers to choose from.

If you want to customize the ribbons, you can customize the ribbons for Sports medals when quantity is over 50. If customers hope to know how it to be when logo or texts on stock award medals. our designers will show the layout of award medals for the customers to see the effect. Or we can also make two samples to take photos for the customers to confirm the effect. The stock award medal samplesusually be produced in 1-2 days, and quantity with 3000 or less can be finished in 5 days.

Regarding the transportation, we usually use official Express DHL and FedEx. It takes 3-5 days from China to Europe and America. Then customers can receive the goods at their own home or office as the courier delivers the goods to the door. If you are interested in our trophies and sports medals, please contact us [email protected]

2. Are you a source award medals factory or a trader?
We are the source of manufacturer. Our award medals factory was founded in 2013, the plant area is 3600 square meters. There are 80 workers and 18 sales represents. We have perfect production processes of artwork, such as mold engraving, mold polishing, die casting, stamping, polishing, plating, enameling, ribbon and packaging. Our main custom products include medals, stock award medals, lapel pins, bags, Key chains, challenge coins, belt buckles, bottom openers, dice, challenge rings and refrigerator magnets and so on.
3.Has your award medals factory passed any verification with international standards?

Yes, our factory has passed ISO 9001:2015, SEDEX and national environmental protection certificate. Our award medals factory is clean and tidy, the goods are placed in a standard way. We also regularly inspect and maintain equipment.

The global environmental protection is getting worse and worse. In order not to burden the environment, our award medals factory does not discharge a drop of sewage. The sewage
is purified by the sewage treatment company before being discharged. In some workshops, the air is filtered by activated carbon before released.

The waste generated in the production process is not discarded, they are recycled by professional departments. Every new employee can take up his post only after passing the strict skill training from the old employees.

Their salary and working hours are in full accordance with the national standards. We provide free working meals and accommodation for every employee.

4. Which city in China are you located in? If we come to visit the factory, is it convenient?

Our factory locates in the south of China, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, 90km away from Hong Kong, 50kg from Shenzhen and 100km from Guangzhou. The city is prosperous and the traffic is developed here. It only takes about 2 hours from Hong Kong to our award medals factory. Only takes about 40 minutes from Shenzhen or Guangzhou by direct train to our City. The people here are hospitable, the food is rich, the accommodation is also very convenient, and each city has a number of international hotels for safety and health.

If you want to visit the sports medals factory, but you are concerning about the traffic, we can pick you up from the airport to hotel. After visiting the factory, we can also drive you back to the airport

5.If we order sports medals and need samples first, how long does it take for samples, and how long does it take for mass productions?

There are 2days for samples and 4days the quantities less 2000pcs for stock sports medals.

6.How to ensure the quality for every sports medal? Do you do QC before shipment?
We have quality inspectors for every process. Every sports medal has to be carefully checked by them to ensure that there is no problem for quality in current process and also previous process. All sports medals need to be checked before being to the next process. If we find that there are defects, we will solve them immediately. The sales representatives also need to confirm product packaging and sign before shipment.
7.What is the transport way and how long can we receive sports medals if we place the order?
We usually send sports medals by express. The carrier we always use is DHL, FedEx and TNT. DHL and FedEx priority services is very quick, it only take get to 3- 5 days to Europe, North America, Oceania and Australia. If choose FedEx economy and TNT services, it takes 6-10 days. The express transportation option is very convenient. The courier will send the award medals to our designated address, office or home. And we provide tracking numbers to customers so that they can trace them to see where the parcels are.
When your award medal quantities are large and the weight is up to 150kg or above, and time is enough(1.5-2 months for transportation time). To save a lot of transportation costs, you are suggested to have them shipped by train (for most of European countries) or by boat. The customized medals will arrive at the designated port, and you can choose to pick up the goods or have door-to-door delivery service.