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Award Medals

Our factory makes Custom Award medals, badges, and keychains for more than 10 years. We have our own complete production line from manufacturing artwork to packaging and shipping. We are the real source Custom award medals manufacturer in China.
We supply 20,000-40,000 custom award medals a day to America, Europe, and Oceania. We have competitive price, high-quality products, and good service. American company: CROWN AWARDS and British company RUNNING IMP visited our factory every yea. They have reached an excellent business relationship with our factory.
Each of our customized medals departments and every production link has QC. And each product must be carefully inspected by QC. The products can cannot be to the next department before passing the inspection. Before shipment, each department supervisor and production manager must sign ok for the quality of the custom award medal . Our factory has also passed ISO 9002:2015, Sedex, and Environmental Protection Verification.
It takes about 12-15 days to make 500-1000pcs custom award medals . It taks 3-5 days for transportation. The courier delivers the goods to the address you hope (door-to-door service). So it is very convenient to buy your own cutom award medals from China. You can receive your award medals or customized medals at home or at the office.

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The normal processes of the custom award medals include: soft enamel, imitation hard enamel, glitter, transparent, glow in the dark, and printing. Each process has different effects.

Plating colors are Shiny gold/silver/copper, Matt gold/silver/copper, Antique gold/silver/copper, Black nickel, Imitation shiny gold, Spray black, Paint blue or red, etc.

About the Ribbon of the Custom Award Medals: Woven single color ribbon, striped colors ribbon, one color printing ribbon, sublimated ribbon.

Award medals are widely used in our life. We should give spiritual encouragement to those who perform well in many fields, such as kindergartens, schools, companies, banks, insurance companies, government departments, and so on. Custom Award medals are not only a product but also the greatest affirmation and praise for outstanding teams and individuals in each field. The winner can put the Award medal at home or in the office. Showing it in front of others is an honor and a good memory.

Most of the custom award medals are made of metal; zinc alloy is the most used material. Zinc alloy is characterized by a reasonable price; the product will not rust and can be stored for a long time, then iron, stainless iron, and copper. Awarded medals for children can also be made of plastic or PVC.

1.In which activities is the award medals used?

With the development of society, lives grow more and more diversified; people are no longer satisfied with food and clothing, but pay more attention to their bodily health and happiness. In terms of children, parents no longer only pay attention to grades, but also encourage the cultivation of hobbies.

In terms of sports, every country is vigorously encouraging full participation in sports to improve physical fitness, which promotes the development of many sports industries. The most represented sport is the marathon. Each city holds multiple marathon events every year. For participants in the long-distance running competition, it not only exercises their bodies but also hones their perseverance. Many also meet new friends, and more importantly, find that it promotes their vitality. After completing the marathon, they receive one of the most coveted prizes, which is the award medal. This is the best affirmation of the sweat and perseverance of each of the finishers.

Awards medals are also used in many other sports, such as cycling, swimming, hiking, multi-sport competitions, basketball, soccer, football, baseball, and softball.

Schools also use a lot of award medals, for competitions in skills such as singing, dance, running, and calligraphy.

There is also a need for award medals in the workplace to reward employees. When a team completes a company-specified target, an award medal is the best encouragement and praise they can be offered. Excellent employees demonstrating good performance should be issued an award medal in recognition.

Award medals are well-known and familiar in our lives, and more often custom medals are the affirmation of all aspects of society to us personally.

2.What information do I need to provide to customize award medals?

You need to provide us with the design of the award medals, which can be hand-drawn or a computer-generated drawing, and then tell us your desires size, thickness, and any accessories you have in mind. With this information, we can provide quotations for the customized award medals.

3.What is the next step after confirming the price of the award medals?

When you confirm that the price of the awards medal is acceptable, we will produce some manufacture artwork. These will be based on the designs you provided but will be adapted according to the requirements of the craftsmanship. If the awards medals are to be colored, our designers will mark it with the PMS numbers of each color. Dimensions and some special craftsman requirements will also be marked. Award medals accessories include ribbons and safety pins.

4.What materials are used to make the award medals? What are the prices?

The most common materials for making award medals are zinc alloy, iron, copper and stainless iron. Of these, zinc alloy is the most popular, because it is lightweight and long-lasting. It won't rust and it is affordable.

The iron material has size restrictions; it cannot be used for award medals which are too big because iron is relatively hard. If it is too large, pattern details will be pressed out and not fully visible. The usual size is 25.4-60mm.

Bronze award medals are relatively expensive, and most often bronze is used for challenge coins, badges and award medals for the military. If it is an ordinary sports event, copper is not recommended .

Stainless iron is usually used for printing award medals or lapel pins, but the regular thickness of stainless iron is 0.8-1.5MM. If the customized awarded medal has a required weight, stainless iron material is not suitable.

5.After confirming the manufacture artwork, can I see a sample award medal before mass production?

This is not a problem. We produce a sample award medals, but the customer must pay the mold fee first. This means there will no longer be the mold fee when you want to proceed with mass production. If you want us to send the sample to your office, then you will need to pay a shipping fee, which is about USD30-50 for 3-5 day delivery. If you don't need the sample award medals in your hands, we will take photos for your approval. This means you won't need to pay the sample shipping fee.

6.What transport methods do you use? What information do we need to provide when receiving the goods? Will purchasing in China be problematic?

There are three modes of transportation: express (DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS), by air to your nearest airport or to your door, or by sea to your nearest port or to your door.

The most convenient of the express companies is DHL, both in terms of timeliness and service. They are followed by Fedex and UPS in the United States and Canada, which are also relatively good. Shipping takes 4-6 days.

For air freight to your nearest airport or delivery to your door, we must first have enough weight to be cost-effective. This takes 8-10 days, but is cheaper than express delivery.

Shipping by boat to your nearest port or to your door is also cost-effective if there is enough weight in your delivery, but the delivery takes a relatively long time, about 50-65 days.

7.What regulations do your factory have to ensure that each award medal is of high quality?

Our award medals factory has passed ISO 9001:2015 and Sedex certification. Our custom medals factory is clean and tidy, and each department strictly implements the 7S management concepts. Each department is equipped with a QC staff, and each product is carefully checked by QC before it can be passed on to the next department.

Before each custom medal is shipped, the production supervisor and the production manager must check it carefully to confirm it is OK. By adhering to these strict control conditions, we guarantee every customized medals is of a high quality.