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As one of the leading professional Crystal Medals manufacturers, our factory has many advantages in Custom Crystal Medals for sports events like Running, marathons, Singing, Bicycle, Dancing competitions, etc. Our Customized Crystal Medals factory has 80 professional production workers and was certificated by ISO 9001: 2015 and Sedex. We make many customized Glass Medals for our clients with the best service and competitive price.

  • Item: Custom Crystal Medals / Bespoke Glass Medals
  • MOQ: 50pcs
  • Process: Die casting
  • Material: Crystal
  • Sample Time: 3-5days
  • Delivery Time: About 8-10days(depending on design and quantity)
  • Packing: Poly Bag / Bubble Bag / OPP Bag / Plastic Box / Gift Box.
  • Shipment: 3-5days by Airfreight priority and 40-60days by Seafreight

If you are interested in our Custom Crystal Medals / Bespoke Glass Medals, please feel free to contact us.

With the progress of society and economic development, people's quality of life is getting higher and higher. They are no longer limited to food and clothing but want to have a healthy body, so more and more people participate in sports. Come, so a variety of sports events such as marathons, hiking, cycling, basketball, football, taekwondo, badminton and so on. The outstanding contestants will be commended at the end of each race, and one of the most common ways of commending them is the awarding of finisher medals. This is not just an ordinary medal, but an encouragement to every ordinary person, which is an interpretation of their hard work and sweat. Different metals have different meanings. In terms of medal craftsmanship, the most common medals in competitions are metal medals and plastic medals. Metal medals have a sense of weight and can be plated into crystal clear colors, such as shiny gold, shiny silver, shiny copper, antique plating color, etc. People usually give gold, silver, and bronze medals to the First place, second place, and third place in recognition, and also match different colors to the participants. Metal medals can be based on The customer's design artwork is filled with colors, showing different color styles!

Of course, in addition to metal medals and plastic medals, there is another style of medals, that is, crystal medals. Crystal medal is not only has the weight of metal medals but also is as clean and translucent as ice and snow, with a smooth surface and a delicate touch. It is different from the materials used in metal medals. Metal medals are generally made of zinc alloy, copper, or iron, while crystal medals require a special material - crystal. This kind of crystal is sparkling, and the medals produced are very beautiful. With the logo and text embellishment, it is even more eye-catching! From production to packaging, every process must be strictly controlled. Of course, this crystal medal can also be customized freely, including size, logo, and text.

As various competitions are held more and more frequently, the crystal medal has gradually become known to everyone and has been recognized by everyone all the time. So what's the point of a crystal medal? We all know that the most commonplace metal medals are in sports events, symbolizing success and showing that one's efforts have been successful, but crystal medals not only represent their own highlights but also symbolize noble and pure quality. It is a firm belief that leads you all the way! People no longer simply pursue material satisfaction, but want to find spiritual sustenance to continue living! The medals pinned their hopes on life. These people found the purpose of life in sports, so more and more people love sports. Medals and sports complement each other and are closely related. In the future, more and more people will love sports, and more and more people will like medals.