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As one of the leading professional Custom Lapel pin manufacturers, our factory has many advantages on Custom enamel pins for schools, parties, companies, etc. Our enamel pin factory has 80 professional production workers and was certificated by ISO 9001: 2015 and Sedex. We make many custom enamel pins for our clients with the best service and competitive prices.

  • Item: Custom Lapel pin / Customized enamel pin badges
  • MOQ: 20pcs
  • Process: Die casting / Die strucking
  • Material: Zinc alloy / Iron / Brass / Stainless Steel.
  • Plating color: Gold / Silver / Bronze / Antique gold / Antique silver / Antique Bronze / Spray Black or Spray other colors.
  • Sample Time: 5-7days
  • Delivery Time: About 15days(depend on design and quantity)
  • Packing: Poly Bag / Bubble Bag / OPP Bag / Plastic Box / Gift Box.
  • Shipment: 3-5days by Airfreight priority and 40-60days by Seafreight

If you are interested in our Custom Lapel pin / Customized enamel pin badges, please feel free to contact us.

Everything You Need To Know About Custom Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are very popular for their existence as they have a good influence on people. As we all know, the usage of Custom Lapel Pins is more and more extensive. Schools use them as school Custom Lapel Pins, and companies use their logo as badges/Lapel Pins. So it's an exciting time for those who love to wear badges.

There are tons of parties and other activities that use custom pins, including student events like graduation or class reunions, birthday celebrations, sports meetings such as Little League games, sporting contests at the Olympics level like boxing matches or soccer tournaments. At these religious conferences, people might have their faith represented on a pin in addition to name tags which often go into detail about what they believe (religion), even with pictures from scripture printed on it.

Many people also enjoy wearing custom pins during weddings - largely because we all know how much wedding planners stress over seating arrangements! Custom enamel pins can be worn anywhere you want your personality shining brightly: hats, handbags, clothes, so make sure you get some beautiful custom lapel pins that really represent who YOU are.

Moreover, people nowadays need Logo custom pins, making them stand out and get attention when used at important events or business meetings. Unfortunately, many people tend to choose custom pins Suppliers based on costs rather than quality, but this might bring unexpected results to customers.

Custom Lapel Pins Shape and Material
  • Shape

 Lapel Pins come in many shapes and can be made to measure with your favorite or preferred shape. Round, rectangular, triangular, polygonal-these are just a few of the available options for Custom Lapel Pins!

There's no limit on what you want your custom lapels to pin to look like because they're shaped from small circles up to an irregular one that could even have cut-out effects.

  • Material

There are different types of  Lapel Pins materials out there. Iron, copper, zinc alloy, stainless steel. The price for the cheapest material is iron, but it can be susceptible to rusting and will eventually wear out in time. Copper mostly goes into high-end badges like military brands or collectibles. Its durability allows them to keep their rich color with little fading over a long period of use without noticeable corrosion (rust). Stainless Steel pins usually have patterns printed directly onto raw metal as decoration pieces due to how resistant they are against any kind of exterior damage, such as scratches from other objects that would otherwise ruin an epoxy finish on less durable metals like zinc or copper.

Choosing the right material to make your favorite Custom Pins or collection is very easy if you know what kind of lapel pin you are going to make. For example, if you want a gold or silver-plating pin, remember to choose a brass pin and electroplate directly to get the gold or silver color without plating.

Different Colors Technology for Custom Enamel Pins
  • Soft Enamel

Soft enamel is a way of creating color that has layers. If you touch it, the texture will feel different, and depending on what colors are used to create this metal-like object, they also have levels in which one side might be matte while another glossy, just like any other painting technique. Soft Enamel can come in many shades from black to white because we mix paints together, so there's always an option for whatever mood or event you're looking for!

  • Imitation Hard Enamel

The difference between imitation hard enamel and soft enamel is that it has a smoother feeling when you touch it. As a result, the colors are not as vivid but much more durable than regular paint jobs. Imitation Hard Enamels cost about twice as much because of the higher quality materials used to create this type of product.

  • Glitter Color

Glitter is made from ground up and polished glass or plastic beads. It's usually mixed with clear glue in order to keep it on the surface of whatever you're using it for, like custom enamel pins. Glitter comes in many different colors so that people can choose what they want their pins to look like! Some customers have asked if glitter will fall off the custom lapel pin when touched; luckily, this doesn't happen because there are two layers holding everything together - one layer just under the top layer, which keeps all those shiny bits where they belong!

  • Transparent Color

One of the most creative ways to make custom enamel pins stand out is by using transparent colors. Transparent color has a sense that will create a concave metal effect, so when light shines on it, and there's been texture or 3-D effects added as well, you can see things change in terms of distance because the high point is lighter than what would be seen from up close while lower parts are darker which makes for an interesting contrast between near and far objects. The other way this type of coloring adds creativity to your design with custom enamel pins is through filling cut-outs where one might get an effect like looking at something outside through window panes; transparency offers bright points against dark backgrounds along with being able to show distinct forms without risking a loss in detail.

  • The Glow in The Dark Color

The glow-in-the-dark color is a paint that absorbs light from outside and glows whenever it's in darkness. The brightness of its light changes according to how long you have been exposed to this kind of environment. This brilliant effect will be bright at night and its duration of time about 10 minutes. The PMS number of your custom lapel pins can depend on what you want, but as for the light's brightness, it should always have some green to give off an eye-catching display. Do you want custom enamel pins with this special feature?

Why You Should Choose Custom Pins
  • Choose your Custom Pins instead of Logo Badges, as you know the difference between these two. The metal Badge or Custom Lapel Pins are used by more and more people all over the world. For example, many schools use them as custom school lapel pins; companies use their logo as badges/Lapel Pins for promotion.
  • Custom Pins have more advantages than badge badges or custom decals. One thing is that they are made of high-quality materials which could be used for a long time. In addition, the surface enamel on custom pins is varnished with hard epoxy according to different types of products so that it has better abrasion resistance ability and anti-wear character. It's no wonder that people choose Custom Pins over other items such as stickers or label tags as Custom Lapel Pins are more durable than them all in terms of features.
  • Custom Lapel Pins are your priority choice if you want to get rid of cheap products made in a rush or not durable ones for a long time. Best quality custom lapel pins can help you grab the audience's attention at once and will make you stand out from others as people trust our company very much. So let me tell you one thing, it's worthwhile to own our product because the quality is guaranteed!
What Type Of Custom Lapel Pins Should I Choose?
  • Die Struck

A style of the metal pin that can be any color, the design is created by raised and recessed metal to show detail. The benefit of this type is that it's very clean and classy, more jewelry-like than other types like enamel or rubber pins, which are often colorful and might not match your outfit. However, with shiny metals, sometimes it's hard to see details on the surface because light reflects off them, so you may want antique (add an aged layer) onto one side for contrast from all these polished areas. Or add sandblast texture into those deeper recesses if they're too reflective!

  • Die Struck Hard Enamel Pins

With this option, the enamel is added in the recessed areas to give color to the design.  The raised metal border around every solid-colored area holds them firmly in place and prevents a gradient from forming between colors, as you would see on other pins that use soft enameling techniques.

  • Die Struck Soft EnamelPins

Die Struck Soft Enamel is a different option from hard enamel. It has the same effect, but it's made differently. The paint settles just slightly and leaves metal borders around the outer edges of each color - giving this design more depth and dimension than is found in custom pins that are painted with traditional methods such as soft or hard enamels, which have uniform coverage throughout their surface areas." There really isn't much negative to say about these other options when considering how they're created because one benefit soft enamel has over hard enamels being less expensive due to its process having fewer steps," so there might be some preference for you depending on your needs!

  • Offset Printed Pins

Offset printed pins are the most interesting difference in design to come out of an enamel pin. Rather than being created from a traditional process, this type is produced by printing with ink directly onto the metal and then cutting it into individual shapes that have been coated afterward for protection. The only problem with offset printed pins is their perceived quality. They're not exactly high-end or durable compared to other styles on the market today; however, nothing stops you from wearing them proudly just because they were made differently. Offset printed pins are great for any business, especially if you want to print a real-life picture or gradient colors. In addition, the cost is cheaper than the enamel pin, and it can be done faster, making them more efficient in large quantities.

Custom Lapel Pins Ordering Process

The process of ordering a lapel pin starts when you contact your company and provide them with artwork or details about the design. They will then send back an estimate for the cost, the time it would take to create, etc. The designing phase usually takes from hours up to one day, depending on how complicated they are! Once they have received all of this information, they will begin working on it.

You can simply send anything that you have and receive a digital sample for your review. After the design is finalized, it will be emailed to you along with a request for billing information. You may then make any changes before production starts on this custom lapel pins order!

Once you are satisfied with your design, the company will email a final confirmation of the order. You can then contact them for an update to get custom pins delivered in record time.

Why Choose Us?

Why choose us and not others?  As a renowned manufacturer of badge pins worldwide, we have more than 10 years' experience in making such products custom pins, which means we possess high expertise in this field. In order to maintain our quality reputation, we use the best material to make custom enamel pins, such as crystal, wood, and metal. We can also provide OEM service. Therefore, it's us who make high-quality custom pins for you. As we are Badge Manufacturers, our Custom Lapel Pins have a good reputation among customers worldwide because of the high quality and reasonable prices. We also promise that all your orders will be finished within 10 days as our worker is working hard to complete them in time.

Don't miss the chance to own Custom Pins since they can be used more times than other badges or decals. Our business is a professional badge/lapel pin manufacturer in China, which provides custom lapel pins production service at a cheap price. So, if you need a huge order of custom lapel pins, please tell us how many pieces you want and check the price with us. Then, you will be satisfied with the best service we provide.