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As one of the leading professional Custom Challenge Coins manufacturers, our factory has many advantages on Custom Coins For Sale. Our factory of the Custom coin has 80 professional production workers and was certificated by ISO 9001: 2015 and Sedex. We make many custom challenge coins for our clients with the best service and competitive prices.

  • Item: Custom challenge coin/coin displays
  • MOQ: 20pcs
  • Process: Die casting / Die strucking
  • Material: Zinc alloy / Iron / Brass / Stainless Steel.
  • Plating color: Gold / Silver / Bronze / Antique gold / Antique silver / Antique Bronze / Spray Black or Spray other colors.
  • Sample Time: 5-7days
  • Delivery Time: About 15days(depend on design and quantity)
  • Packing: Poly Bag / Bubble Bag / OPP Bag / Plastic Box / Gift Box.
  • Shipment: 3-5days by Airfreight priority and 40-60days by Seafreight

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1.What is the purpose of a Challenge Coin?

In a world full of material wealth, many people feel that being praised verbally for hard work or a job well done is not enough and means very little. Many want ribbons, certificates, or money to recognize a job well done, mainly to show others how well they are doing and a constant reminder of that praise. This material recognition also comes into play with children and the compliments they receive at school or home. Many people are overjoyed by a small token of appreciation, like a Challenge Coin, received for doing a great job.

A brilliant idea would be to give Challenge Coins at school to the students who have excelled in academic performance. Most children would be excited to receive more than praise when they do something right. Although praising a child is beautiful and helps with their self-worth, it is far from the effect we are searching for. The weight of recognition that comes with words is far less than a unique gift. If we often say pleasant words for even the most minor thing, children will become numb to the praise. But, if we can give them a unique challenge coin and recognition, they will feel the encouragement is more valid.

Giving Challenge Coins to Hard-working Employees

When we praise someone, it usually comes in the form of words only. If you want your employees to feel as though you have indeed recognized their efforts to go above and beyond, you need to add a special gift; this is where the use of Challenge Coins becomes invaluable. A small Challenge Coin can contain the design phase the company wants to convey to the top employees.

To make our Challenge Coins unique and stand out from the rest, we can put your company's logo, unique patterns, or phrases on the Challenge Coins. When a recipient receives one of our Challenge Coins, they experience a deep feeling of pride with this recognition from the company. They will keep their special gift on their desk, displaying it with honor.

History of the Challenge Coin

When our servicemen and women have completed a victorious mission, it is customary to give them Challenge Coins. It is seen as a sacred gift and a collectible amongst the troops. Challenge Coins are also presented after someone has served in the military for many years and is heading into retirement. These Challenge Coins are used to commemorate the devotion to protecting the country.

This gift is unique; Challenge Coins are precious; it is impossible to measure the value in terms of money. Every time they glance at the Challenge Coins given to them; they think back to everything they have done for their country. Memories of past events, friends, teammates play out as if they had been brought back to the past.

Challenge Coins, a symbol of appreciation.

Firefighters, Police officers, Nurses, and teachers are often forgotten about for their contribution to our society. They all deserve our utmost respect and appreciation, but sometimes words cannot express this gratitude enough.

Police officers and firefighters put their lives on the line daily. When faced with danger, they never turn and retreat. Nurses help heal the sick, and teachers bring education into the lives of all. The personalized metal Challenge Coin, elaborately carved through more than ten processes, is a beautiful piece to show appreciation for such sacrifices. Giving a meaningful souvenir like a Challenge Coin shows the recipient that we are grateful for their actions.

2.We want to have some Challenge Coins customized. What information should we provide?

You only need to provide us with the Challenge Coin design, the size and thickness required, and the number of coins you would like to purchase. Once we get the information, we can give you an estimate of the cost. Our price will include the product, cost of the coin mold, and freight.

3.Once we have confirmed the price of the Challenge Coin, what should we do next?

Next, please send us the design you want to be carved onto the Challenge Coins. The best format for sending us your design is a vector drawing (AI, CDR, PDF). This format type allows our artists to edit the design directly. If you do not have a vector drawing file, you can also send us a picture. We will mark the size and electroplating color of the Challenge Coins on the manufacture artwork. After you and our design team confirm the manufacturing artwork, a deposit of 30% must be received before producing your exquisitely designed Challenge Coin. After we complete the production of your custom Challenge Coins, we will send you a photo for you to approve; the remaining balance is due before shipping.

4.Can I get a sample Challenge Coin?

Absolutely! If you do not have a strict deadline, we can make you a sample Challenge Coin before mass production. But, please be aware that it takes 5-7 business days to make samples, then about 12 business days to produce 100-300 challenge coins, 15 business days for 301-600 coins, and 18 business days for 601-1000 coins. Therefore, we can make samples and confirm the total cost before mass production if you have enough time.

5.How do you ship the coins? What documents do I need to provide to receive the goods?

We send our shipments by international shippers, such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS. It will take approximately 3-5 business days to deliver from China to an overseas location if you choose a Priority shipping service, and 6-10 business days if sending via Economy shipping. When the shipment arrives, you need to do nothing to provide documents to the delivery person. The Challenge Coins order will be delivered to the address designated by the customer, but there will be a customs tax. Customs charge each country differently; some countries have a high tax, and others have a lower tariff.