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Where to order custom medals?


 Which countries have the most advantage in making custom medals?

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Why do we need custom medals?

Developed countries like Canada, Europe, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, etc. have the most demand for custom-made medals because they hold various sports events from time to time, such as marathons, running/racing, and cycling, football/soccer, basketball, and swimming. And finishers get medals at the end of every competition. Therefore, they need to purchase many custom medals. These sports events are becoming much more popular than ever before as people are realizing the health benefits of being engaged in sports. After all, human lives were not designed for a sedentary lifestyle. So, if you also want to order custom medals then this is the right place for you. Here are certain things you should keep in mind before proceeding.

Benefits you get when ordering custom medals from manufacturers in developing countries.

If you buy custom medals locally, then the price will be much higher due to the relatively high labor costs. The Labor cost is several times more than that of Asia or Africa. On top of that, there are no mature industrial belts in the region. So, it’s difficult to purchase all the top-quality raw materials and accessories for the products. The local government controls the manufacturing industry more strictly because the manufacturing industry will affect the local environment. All these factors mentioned above lead to some adversities in manufacturing custom medals. As a result, it will be more expensive for you to purchase custom medals in developed countries compared to the countries that are still developing. On the other hand, you will find that many people in some areas of some developing countries have been manufacturing medals for generations. They have more experience making custom medals than some new medal manufacturing companies in developed countries. With many years of experience and tradition of manufacturing medals that they rear in their hearts, they can offer you much better quality with many options to choose from. This way you can order custom medals that are of the highest quality and at the same time, cost-efficient.

Why you should choose manufacturers from China when ordering custom medals?

There are custom medal factories in many Asian countries, such as China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, etc. It will be wise for you to choose some custom medal manufacturers from these countries. They are still in the developing phase with relatively large population. This is why the labor costs are much lower than those in Europe and the United States developed countries.

Among many Asian countries, China is the fastest growing. With the development of manufacturing since the reform and opening-up in the 1980s, factories of all kinds have sprung up in coastal areas, and large numbers of workers from the mainland have poured into these cities. After 30 years of development, it forms a very mature industrial belt and brings up many technical talents. Especially since the outbreak of covid-19 in 2019, China has quickly gained good control over the epidemic. Within less than half a month, workers and production resumed continuously.In China, the manufacturing industry is the most competitive worldwide.

Make your life easy by ordering custom medals from China.

With the reform and opening up, many foreign-funded enterprises set up factories on the mainland. And at that time, there were not many medal-making factories, and all factories had sufficient orders. So there were not many opportunities for customers to compare prices, so the prices were generally on the high side. With the development of the past 30 years, the number of factories in various industries has increased significantly. With the development of the Internet, a bridge has been built between customers and factories. People can quickly go through many websites of custom medals manufacturers to learn about them in detail. On a website of medals manufacturers, customers from developed countries browse through each page and category to see thousands of options with many eye-catching medallions designs. They can also read about the colors and materials available for the custom medals they desire. They can quickly contact them through the website and get a consultation and quotation timely based on their reference. This is a completely hassle-free process that they can rely on no matter wherever they are living in the world. This way, customers can choose and order medallions that fit their budget and requirements at home or in the office. This is how customers have been finding many suppliers from China through the network and comparing their prices and services. This is how they are getting a much better price and the highest quality of medallions than before. Hence the best value for their money.

Choose your manufacturers from China’s costal provinces.

You can easily find many medals manufacturers all over China. However, the leading and efficient medal-producing factories for getting the best quality custom medals in China are concentrated in cities like Guangdong Province (Dongguan/ Shenzen/ Zhongshan /Huizhou/ Zhaoqing), Jiangsu Province (Kunshan/Hangzhou), Fujian Province. Dongguan, Zhongshan, and Huizhou are the cities with the most significant medal advantages. Large overseas customers can get very good prices and quality if they purchase medallions from these cities. Because some medals manufacturers in these cities have been focused on manufacturing customized medals for many years. These cities are very advanced with the touch of technology, and many factory workers come from the mainland who work in these factories efficiently with a lower wage compared to the developed countries like the USA or the countries in Europe. The latest technology and cost-efficient workers enable these manufacturer to sell medallion cheaply. This is why you can find the best medallions at the best prices in these cities.


To make sure we are the source manufacturer but not a trader

1. When you are thinking about where to order custom medals, you need to consider both the quality and the price. You can purchase the highest quality custom medals at a very cost-efficient rate from a good source of manufacturer. This is why you need to know about the price differences you can get between traders and source manufacturers. Traders do not have custom factories and mainly earn a middle margin. They usually collect custom medals or order custom medals on behalf of the customers. And then they add 10-20% or more price to the medals before selling them to the customers. Therefore, if customers work with traders instead of source manufacturers, their prices will be much higher than the usual price. This is how they will not get the best value for their money. Someone else will be filling their pockets with the customers’ money instead. This is why you must choose a source manufacturer and avoid purchasing custom medals from a trader or a middleman. Now, because of the internet’s convenience, customers face many competitors. If you want to get more orders of custom medals from buyers and raise your profit margin for thriving in your business then you must find the source manufacturers so that you can offer competitive prices to the customers and get more orders.


Production and delivery time control for traders and source manufacturers

As traders do not have their custom medal factories, they are not in control of delivery and quality check. They can’t control these aspects since they rely on the source manufacturers for these. The manufacturers might be cooperative with traders to handle some urgent orders in the off-season when demand is low. But in peak season, they will put orders from their direct customers ahead of those from traders. In terms of quality, of course, the factory pays more attention to the orders of custom medals from their customers than that from trader because the traders squeeze prices from factories which affect service also. As manufacturers, they must consider maintaining their reputation in the business every time they make delivery to their customers directly. But they do not have to worry about this reputation and quality check when dealing with  traders. The whole responsibility will be taken by the traders. And traders also do not care much about their reputation because they are not running something as massive as a medals manufacturing factory.  Therefore, to ensure quality and get on-time delivery, you must order custom medals directly from a real source. If you do not get the custom medallions on time before the event, then the scenario will be horrible, and a source medals manufacturer will never let you go through that situation.


How to distinguish between a source manufacturer and a trader

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Check their websites to see if they are a real manufacturer or not.

To distinguish between a source manufacturer and a trader, you must go through their website first. You can find lot of things on their website to confirm if they are a source manufacturer. First, you have to go to their website and find the production process page. You will see pictures of each process molding to quality checking and many other steps on the page. A real source manufacturer usually clicks photos of their factory and then posts them on their official website one by one by adding the details of each work process along with other details. They will post photos of their factory and sometimes they post photos of their staff members. You can go through these photos carefully to confirm if they belong to the factory website you are going through. You will also find photos of different certifications and evaluation papers from a different reputed organizations. However, the traders also try to fake these things with photos collected from the internet. But you will be able to see it through if you look closely. You must go to the medals manufacturer website you want to purchase custom medals from and observe before you make your order.

What they work with matters.

You can ask the custom medals manufacturer if they are working with any big company or if they are working internationally with great success. The source manufacturer has a big advantage in terms of price and they are also trustworthy because of their good work ethics and policy. This is why big companies put their trust in these types of manufacturers and place so many orders. But this is not the same for the traders. Big companies look for manufacturers they can work with on a long-term basis or usually order many medallions. This is why they handle the deal professionally and never fail to choose a professional medal manufacturer who offers both great quality and great price. On the other hand, traders cannot land these types of big orders on their plates because they do not have any control over the production process and time. And traders also earn the intermediate price difference, making the custom medals price more expensive than the source manufacturers. And this is why large customers choose to avoid them. As a result, traders can only manage very few small customers. So, when you are looking for where to order custom medals when you think that you have found a good source for purchasing, the last thing you can do is ask them if they have worked with any big companies or you might find this portfolio mentioned or shown on their website. If you see that they are working with a big company then you can be sure that they are a good source medals manufacturer.

Pay a visit.

If you can come to China, you should visit their custom medals factory and their production line. And after that, you can meet with their boss and chat about it. After visiting their factory and seeing their work process with your own eyes, it will be easy to understand for you whether they are a source medals manufacturer or a trader.


Know the production capacity and delivery time of the manufacturer.

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Before placing any orders, things you need to figure out first.

When you find a suitable source manufacturer, you need to know the scale of their factory and monthly production capacity. As your custom medals are used for tournaments or competitions and you have to get the custom medals in your hands before each tournament or competition with a specific date, the delivery time is quite important for you. If you do not receive the medallions before the exact date, you will not be able to dispatch the medals to FINISHERS. This is why delivery time is the most crucial part for you when you are purchasing custom medals. And you need to be completely sure if the manufacturer can deliver the medallions on time or not. This is why, before placing an order with a supplier, you must ask if there is any problem with the delivery time and if they can deliver the goods on the stipulated date. If they agree to deliver the product on time and if you think they are trustworthy after evaluating everything mentioned above in this article, you can finally place the order.

Mode of transportation.

When it comes to transportation, most of the customized medals are delivered by courier. The International Express includes DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS and it takes about 3-5 days from China to Europe. After the custom medals arrive at the destination, the courier will deliver the goods directly to the address specified by the customer. This mode of transportation is quite convenient for the customers and they can receive the package without any extra hassle. If medal quantities are large and there is enough time, we can ship by sea, this transport cost is low but it takes an extended period. It takes about 45-60 days from China to European countries. You can choose FOB or a door-to-door delivery service. Therefore, if you want to save extra money from the shipping cost, you can order way before the event date by planning everything about the custom medals much earlier. When we ship our products overseas, we use a great packaging style that keeps the custom medallions scratch-free and safe until they reach your doorstep.


We are a medals manufacturer who can be a great source for you because we meet all the criteria mentioned above for a source medals manufacturer. We produce medals in our factory with more than 80 staff members and then directly sell them to big customers without any middleman. If you want to purchase custom medals, you can buy from us to get the best value for your money because we offer personalized medals cost-efficiently with the highest quality materials of international standards.

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