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What is the Challenge Coin?


What is the challenge coin? And have you ever seen awesome-looking coins and wondered about their purpose? In this article, we will learn about challenge coins in detail. We will know the meaning of these coins, how they are made, and where you can purchase them. Sometimes they are given to prove membership in an organization or challenged to enhance morale.challenge coins

Challenge coins are mainly used to commemorate some important activities or events.

Particular purposes of the challenge coins:

Challenge coins are with special purposes. Mainly they are manufactured to give someone so that they can remember special moments with that help. We can see this in the cases of military personnel. When someone in the military is recognized for their particular military actions, their military corps provides them with this type of challenge coins to commemorate the event and their bravery. In the case of perfect victory, many soldiers get this type of challenge coins. This way, their courage, and selfless actions are recognized and respected by everyone.

Challenge Coin Check.

Challenge coins are also important for keeping records of important events like these. A game among the militaries is known as “Challenge Coin Check.” Whenever a soldier goes into a local watering hole, he often takes out his challenge coin to offer a challenge to a group of his military friends. Whenever someone cannot show challenge coins, he has to buy drinks for the people of that group.

These coins are not only issued to only military personnel but also to many other people of different professions like police or firefighters. It is not a rare scenario when firefighters show great courage and complete the rescue mission selflessly. All the firefighters worldwide have been showing the Great Spirit of self-sacrifice in the face of grave danger. These are why they also get challenge coins from the authority to reward, respect and recognize their hard work and bravery. These tough tasks done by brave firefighters are worth being recorded. The challenge coins come into the scene to record these and show them respect. When they receive these, they become more inspired to do these types of heroic tasks in the future. It is the best way to capture their pictures with the challenge coins. Wearing a few challenge coins on the uniform and then clicking pictures is an amazing feeling that only people who experience it can know about. It is an otherworldly feeling. In the same way we commonly use challenge coins in aerospace/medical/scientific and technological/ invention events of great significance.

Challenge coins in sports:

Nowadays, people’s pursuit of sports is getting hotter and hotter. Sports not only make us have a healthy body but also keep us in good shape. People realize the importance of health and fitness. Now they know that human lives are not meant for a sedentary lifestyle and that a sedentary lifestyle can decrease their longevity. These are the reasons why all kinds of sports competitions are held in different cities every year and many people are engaging themselves in these types of sports to stay healthy and fit. The most popular and common sports events seen in every city are marathons/running/cycling/swimming/Hockey/basketball/football /Taekwondo, etc. These competitions attract many people to sign up for them. This is when the challenge coins come. Challenge coins are great tools to use for marketing these sports events. If we design the logo and the elements of the competitions on the challenge coins, they will become cost-efficient and quite effective advertisements to publicize these sports activities. As a result, more people will be interested and the events will have more meaning and fun for everyone. People have different types of fascination with challenge coins. So, why not use challenge coins to market all sports events?

Challenge coins for school programs:

From kindergarten to University, there will always be a sports meet every year and each sports meeting marks the different growth of these students. They experience the knowledge and happiness gained at different ages. Challenge coins can play an important role in these types of sports meets in any type of educational institution. Aside from sports meets, we can use challenge coins efficiently for other kinds of ceremonies in schools and universities. Students graduate every year. Completing each stage in education means a lot to all the students. Students’ success in every sphere is also a matter of happiness for all the teachers. The feelings of happiness, success, and friendship should be commemorated. This is where challenge coins can be great for remembering all these feelings between teachers and students. To hold beautiful memory forever, challenge coins can be used in graduation ceremonies as a gift to every student. If you order challenge coins from us, we can engrave the theme of each sports meeting on the challenge coins and memorize the style and youth of the students every time.

Brief history of challenge coins:

If we take a look at the history then we can trace back the existence of challenge coins back to Ancient Rome. At that time, they received custom coins specially made for the soldiers because of their bravery on the battlefield. Most of these coins were usually personalized to the legion of the soldier. If we take a look at the history of challenge coins in the modern day then we can see that they were widely used during World War 1 among the flying squadrons. These were the symbols of pride and recognition for their units. Aside from the military and law enforcement agents in modern times, these challenge coins are even used by US presidents and many politicians. Each president has their own coin made since the administration of Bill Clinton.

Corporate challenge coins:

 Many clients from the corporate world contact us through various channels so that we can make custom challenge coins for their company or organization. From small shops to high-end restaurants, chain outlets and big companies have ordered corporate challenge coins from us. These types of coins usually have the company’s logo on one side and a message or slogan on the other side to build more recognition. They are widely used for thanking the company staff for their years of loyalty and hard work.

challenge coins

What is the Common size of material for challenge coins?

A.Besides standard size,we can also do size of your choice.

The standard inch size of challenge coins is: 1”/1.5”/1.75”/2”/2.25”/2.5”/2.75”. Millimeter sizes used in Europe or other countries include 25/28/30/35/38/40/45/50/55/60/65/70mm+. These are the sizes that are currently widely available However, our customers can have the full authority to customize the size according to their own needs. You can just tell us the size you want, and we will craft the challenge coins based on that size.

B.Copper coins.

The materials for making challenge coins include: Copper/zinc alloy/iron. The characteristic of challenge coins made of copper has a strong sense of weight. It feels very heavy in the hands. Then, the lines and patterns of challenge coins made of copper are very full, and the gloss is very good after electroplating. Therefore, you can look forward to great quality challenge coins if you use copper material. But the only disadvantage is the high price because the copper materials themselves are expensive. Therefore, challenge coins made of copper are generally used in some very important events.

C. Zinc alloy is also a good choice.

It is the common choice of many customers to make challenge coins with zinc alloy materials. Zinc alloy belongs to an injection molding material and it melts at a high temperature, poured into the mold, and then cool the mold. Then we can get the shapes we need. So this zinc alloy material can produce challenging coins of various shapes. We can also make a strong 3D sense of modeling with zinc alloy. For hollow challenge coins, the zinc alloy material is the best choice. The manufactured zinc alloy challenge coins not only have a sense of weight but also can be made into larger-size challenge coins at a moderate price. That is why most customers choose to go with zinc alloy for their challenge coins.

D. Iron is an option if the coins are only for public effect.

Sometimes challenge coins also use iron as material. The disadvantage of iron is that it does not last for too long. Iron will eventually rust in a few months if the challenge coin made of iron is exposed to the air. In some activities, customers don’t have to pay too much and also want to achieve a publicity effect. They choose to use iron materials to make challenge coins.

E.Choose the right material according to your need.

So, we learned that if you need the best quality challenge coin, you will need to go with copper and these types of challenge coins are perfect for special events. And then zinc alloy comes with good quality at a good price, which is why most customers go with zinc alloy. And then you can go with iron if you want challenge coins with the lowest price for marketing purposes. However, keep in mind that the coins made of iron will get rusty if you don’t keep them properly.

How many kinds of challenge coins are there?

There are many kinds of challenge coins, and the most common ones are as follows:

  1. Material: zinc alloy / copper / iron.
  2. Shapes: round / rectangle / square / polygon and irregular shape.
  3. Electroplating: bright bronze / bright nickel / bright red copper, imitation gold / black nickel / dumb gold / dumb nickel / dumb copper, ancient gold / ancient silver / ancient copper, black / other colors.

What does it mean to receive a challenge coin?

A Challenge coin is a kind of commemorative gift for important activities. Each of us who got the challenge coins participated in some kind of event or activity. The successful completion of each important activity is inseparable from the efforts of everyone. People get challenge coins because of their morale and commitment. A challenge coin can represent a specific person’s dedication to that particular field of service. A challenge coin successfully serves as a token of thanks and appreciation while instilling pride in a wearer.

Where to customize challenge coins?

 You can search for suppliers or manufacturers of challenge coins through Google and then select some source manufacturers by choosing their websites. After that then, you can compare their prices and services properly by browsing every part of their website. You can effortlessly browse the pages of challenge coins that they previously produce on their website. By doing this you can see how the quality of their products is and then you can whether they can meet your requirements or not. Once you check thoroughly, you will find out if it fits within your budget while fulfilling all your needs or not. You can find the best quality challenge coins with various types of designs and quality on our website at an affordable price. Since we are the manufacturer and supplier at the same time, we can offer you the best value for your money when it comes to challenge coins.

How do we make challenge coins?

make challenge coins

1.Making drawings:

We make drawings of challenge coins according to the design provided by the customer. Then we will show the drawings to the customers and if they like and approve the drawings then we start to manufacture these commemorative coins.

2. Engraving:

We conduct 3D modeling or editing of the drawings and then engrave the mold on the machine. After that, we finally compare the engraved mold with the drawings to check whether the mold has errors or not. If everything is fine then we will proceed to the next step.

3. Slotting:

We melt the raw materials at a high temperature and then flow the raw materials into the mold of the customized challenge coin in the form of liquid to set the mold into the proper shape we desire.

4. Mold polishing:

To make the challenge coins more beautiful and smooth so that everyone finds them eye-catching, we will polish the carved mold to remove the redundant parts and scratches.

5. Die casting:

After that, we place the mold on the machine and adjust the position of the front and rear mold to make them consistent. And then, we change the pressure of the device to make a complete piece of the high-quality challenge coin.

6. Polishing of challenge coins:

After that, we properly polish The edges and surfaces of the obverse and reverse sides of the commemorative coin to make it smoother and ready for the next step. We make sure that the surface of the challenge coins is quite smooth, so polishing is important and done with proper attention to detail.

7. Electroplating:

After cleaning the commemorative coins, we conduct electroplating according to the customer’s requirements, such as bright gold/silver/copper, antique gold/silver/copper, dumb gold/silver/copper, Limited gold, spray Black/ Blue / white, etc. to protect the gloss of the commemorative coins. We will put them in the oven for 2 hours and then take them out for cooling.

8. Coloring:

At first, we color to prepare it for the final color addition and then put color according to the drawing.

9. Quality inspection:

The quality inspection personnel shall conduct a quality inspection on each product and clean the challenge coins. This production process helps us maintain the highest quality of our products to satisfy all our clients.

10. Packing:

Packing is another important part of ensuring that the quality of our products stays intact no matter how long the journey is. We pack clean and intact challenge coins according to the customer’s requirements and then pack them for sealing.

11. Shipment:

Finally, deliver the goods within the specified time and inform the customer of the waybill number.

Getting your custom challenge coins:

If you want a story to pass on for generations, then getting your custom challenge coins can make it possible. Each custom challenge coin will tell people about who made them and why they made them. These coins have become a tradition of excellence. If you want such coins that will fulfill all your needs within your budget, then we can help you with that. We design all of our challenge coins based on the needs and preferences of the customers. They can also be great gifts for family, friends, and colleagues. Our highly skilled team members can assist you in your first or next challenge coin design in precisely the way you want. All you have to do is contact us, and we will turn your vision of challenge coins into a reality without hassle.

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