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How To Choose a Right Medal Supplier?

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It is very memorable for a person to get a trophy or award. Therefore, it must be in good condition. When choosing a medal supplier, you may not want to honor the business partner or winner with something not presentable. Providing participation awards or medals to winners gives a sense of pride. You must be wondering how to choose a right trophy or medal supplier. There is a great variety of trophies and awards available in the market nowadays. The medals and trophies differ in material, size, shape, etc. This means you will need to do in depth research before selecting the right supplier. The medal or trophy represents the brand, and hence a high-quality medal is a must for purchasing. It is a basic technique for brand awareness. The award showcases the type of organization. It represents your organization.

There are a few important things to consider when selecting the best wholesale medal supplier. Make sure that you have seen the company’s certificate page. These pages are important for a good supplier of medal. If the company has these certificates, then it means that it has a good market value, reputation and provides high-quality products. The company should also provide high-quality customer service to satisfy its customers.

The first thing to look for in a medal supplier is that it must be a company that provides a huge variety of options. If the website provides numerous options to the customers, it is a good sign that the manufacturer can meet your specifications and can bring you good experience..

A well-designed website will offer complete information to the customer required to order the product without any difficulty. If the website provides an online payment system, the payment process will become feasible for the customers. If the medal supplier provides this online payment method, this point will favor them.

Manufacturers Of Medals:

There are various types of medal manufacturers. Some supply their products only in their country while some supply their products worldwide. The renowned manufacturers have opened their branches in every country across the world. Some have good shipping quality and great customer service, while others have low shipping quality and poor customer service. In choosing the right medal supplier, the medal manufacturer plays an important role. There are many renowned medal manufacturers across the world. Their products are sold and also liked by the audience all over the world. Metal Awards Industrial Co.,Ltd is the most renowned medal manufacturer in the world. It is a Chinese company located in the province of Guangzhou. Their website is user-friendly, and all options and functionalities are easy to access. The best thing about this company is that it manufactures and trades, designs custom medals, sports medals, and race medals, etc. Other than medals, they give you options to buy key chains, bottle openers, lapel pins, Ribbons, champion belts, etc. Most of the renowned medal manufacturers are located in China.

A website that offers numerous options indicates a good medal manufacturer. A company that provides extensive types of services and products should have many options. An experienced medal manufacturer will have great experience in manufacturing and designing medals. You can even go through a company website to get more information. If you cannot find more information that tells you about the process, shift to the next option.

Another thing you should search for in a medal manufacturer is a great variety of options. You may require different materials and designs for different purposes; therefore, you should search for a company that offers a great range of styles and materials. This will enable you to choose a medal manufacturer according to your budget and needs. If you are already looking for some particular design of a brand, then you can select a manufacturer that offers you that type of design and premium quality materials.

Following are the points you can consider while choosing the perfect medal supplier:

User-friendly website:

The website of the medal supplier should be user-friendly. It should be easy to navigate the website, and the site must be free of errors. You should also look at the text and logo of the website. The website’s design should be according to the overall theme and must represent the aim of the medal. Even the content available at the site should describe all the details regarding the medals. Otherwise, you might experience difficulty later. If you are looking for a medal manufacturer, make sure it is a reputable company. And if you will be designing it, then you should go through the company’s details.

Choosing a site that is easy to use

Apart from searching for a good medal supplier, it is equally important to search for a reputable company providing high-quality customer service. It is highly important because otherwise, you will get worthless and low-quality medals. Customers always look forward to the medal supplier that provides feasibility. A complicated site can be a big disadvantage to the supplier.

Selecting reputable supplier:

If you are searching for a trustworthy medal supplier, it is important to know that they must belong to a reputable company providing high-level customer service. If you don’t search for high-quality products, you will end up with worthless medals. So, look for a company that provides on-time delivery of products and keeps their promises. Choosing a good medal supplier will provide you with a great result and good peace of mind.


It is the most important parameter that you need to check with. The medal supplier must guarantee the good quality of the product. There is the majority of medal suppliers who sell good-quality products. It is also important to check the materials are upgraded. The quality of the different medals also varies based on the material used to make them. For example, the glass and crystal medals differ in their quality. When you are dealing with a known medal supplier, they will guarantee the time limit and quality of the trophies. Low-grade quality medals are easy to recognize and build a bad impression on the medal receiver.


It is the name of a person or organization in an award or trophy. The skills of the engraver define the quality of the engraving. Engraving has now become a great trend to encourage the employees for their achievement and success. Those days are gone where people order photos, logos, and different patterns to gift someone. Still, it is greatly in demand throughout the business organizations to cheer the hardworking employees. Although images, logos, and other patterns take great space to personalize the company’s brand, if you consult the best medal supplier, you can get guidance and the best ideas. Engraving is a skill-based task, and therefore it requires attention throughout the process. You should make sure that the supplier you have selected provides skilled work, whether its glass or metal component. Choosing a medal supplier with a high-quality engraving experience is important.

On-time delivery of medals: 

When selecting a medal supplier, you should ensure that it provides on-time delivery of products. A company doing otherwise provides an awful experience for the firm. Your selected medal supplier must take charge of the complete process to make sure that the delivery of the product is in time. Many companies ensure on-time delivery, but only a few stick to their words.

Budget consideration:

The budget should be your topmost priority when purchasing medals, awards, and trophies. Specific medals will cost more. Your preferred medal supplier must sell the medals and trophies at a reasonable price, but not at the expense of the quality of the medals. You want the best quality medal to congratulate or honor the person receiving it.

Prefer purchasing customized medals:

They can come in different varieties. It could be overwhelming to select the right kind of medal. Therefore performing an internet search could help a lot. It will also tell you about the alternatives that you can use The more refined your research is, the more likely you will find the type of product you need, and you can refine your research by identifying your requirements. You must know the basic design and dimensions you want to see before searching for specific medal suppliers. It doesn’t matter whether you buy medals online or from a store; you will find a great range of medals and trophies. According to your size, shape, color, you can choose the kind you want.

Above all, you can select the most trending type, i.e., customized trophy. Select the organization’s custom logo on the medal, and your employees will feel proud that they belong to your organization. Many medal suppliers will listen to your customized logo requirement. When trying to find a medal supplier, first think about how many medals you want to order and whether the company is offering bulk pricing to find a suitable deal.

One of the leading customized medals manufacturers provides medals for different purposes, for instance, singing, bicycling, Marathon, dancing competitions, etc.; they may provide a variety of options in the materials like brass, zinc, stainless steel, etc.

Don’t overlook heavy medals or trophies:

If you believe that heavy medals or trophies won’t look good as you only have to appreciate someone’s dedication, hard work, and time, then it’s your misconception. The heavy medals are in great demand as they have a good impression on the employees and can motivate them for their success. Other companies will also appreciate how you motivate your employees on the hard work and spirit they show in their work. Think of the moment when they hold those heavy medals in front of hundreds of audience, guests, and staff. It will boost up the presence of your business and recognition to the next level. Depending on your preferences, you can easily make a wise decision and select the best medal supplier.

Avoid buying lead-made medals:

There are tips that are important to be considered before buying any medal. Before buying any medals, make sure that they are fully safe, secure, and non-toxic to use, just like the crystal trophy. It is 100% safe and non-toxic. The benefit of buying this medal is that you’ll be satisfied with the gift and most importantly your employees won’t get hurt. In growing your organization, taking care of your employee’s health is an essential point. So giving them a gift of lead-free medals would be a great decision.

Take account of the manufacturing techniques:

create a medalrunning race medals

If you want to ensure that the custom medals vary from the standard ones in the market, you should add more creativity. Considering the manufacturing techniques and designing the medals according to your preference can make a great difference. Many techniques are being used in the medal manufacturing industry. These are as follows;

  • 2D engraving
  • 3D laser engraving
  • Handcrafted
  • Faceted crystals

You can consider these techniques and select the type of technique you want for your medals. The medal suppliers will manufacture them according to your preference.

Return service for customers:

Make sure the medal supplier you are selecting provides the facility of the return policy. As there might be some manufacturing defects in the product, the return of the medals is highly advisable.

Different types of medals provided by medal suppliers:

Custom insert medals:

Custom insert medals are a great turnaround. Medal suppliers provide them at ideal pricing. They also give you the facility of incorporating your design and logo name on the medal. You can even receive them at unbeatable and minimum prices that even contain free standard neckbands, free set-up, and free e-proof to be approved before its manufacture. Mostly medal suppliers send them the next day of its approval. These custom medal inserts have a solid aluminum insert option. Some suppliers also provide discount pricing opportunities. The factories which make customized medals take pride in their work as they shine. There are different factories which provide wholesale pricing for all our products on low high, and minimum medals.


there are many wholesalers in Canada and the USA. The factory in California offers products that are made in America. The factory in Canada permits to ship to customers of East Coast than any of the competitors. Every factory is automated; amenities are high tech, and manufacturers spin cash medals, emblems, awards, and different finely crafted custom products.

Overseas and large volume orders:

a forged relationship has been made with the factories overseas, producing die-cast and die strike medals.


The big manufacturing companies offer competitive pricing and incredible quality control.

Customer service:

the companies ensure the best customer service in the market and take pride in offering the best customer service.

Rectangular insert medal:

The printable insert of the medal is white. This is ideal for detailed imagery and vibrant colors. The aluminum present in the medal has a smoother face, high gloss, and is more rigid. They are also available in brushed copper, brushed silver, and brushed gold colors. The printed colors on medals may slightly be untrue or muted. Vibrant colors can be best seen if printed on white. For the backside of the medal, you can either opt for circular-brushed metallic gold, laser-engraved, bronze, or silver tags.

  • ZEPHYR TOPAZ insert medal: 

We usually use this high-quality medal for award events. The in-house Digi-print technology provides a vibrant imprint with a permanent high gloss. You can even add your custom design or logo without extra charge.

  • PVC medals:

On several occasions or events, custom-shaped PVC medals are created. There are some pros of PVC medals, due to which they are used in different award-giving events. For example, they are molded in full color, which means that we can add details on these medals and are not color restricted. As PVC medals are mostly used in award-giving events, people have started manufacturing them on a large scale, and now they are sold in great amounts by medals wholesale suppliers. The benefits of buying medals from wholesale suppliers are that the quality of the medals is guaranteed. Most importantly, on purchasing medals in bulk quantity, they facilitate on you in terms of cost. Moreover, we can get a contract signed from the medals wholesale suppliers, and they can facilitate us more with free shipping.

  • Boss Series Medals:

The medal manufacturer of such medals includes full-color-themed neckbands. They have gigantic weight and girth, customize the designs or stock the designs, and have high polish finishes.


Medals China

Medals China has played a significant role in bringing up several medals for multiple purposes. You are allowed to get customized medals while ordering. Medals China has been serving people for a long time, and they will surely continue their work to showcase their creativity.

Our advantage of custom sports medals
Our advantage of custom sports medals




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