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Ways to find your custom medallion maker.

real source medallion maker

1. How to choose the place of purchasing for different quantity orders?

1.1 Advantages of taking stock medals.

Find your right custom medallion maker and here are the things that you need to know. If you want to order less than 50pcs of medallions then it is better to purchase them locally. The customer can find a Stock medallion. We can save the mold and transportation costs if they go with the stock medallion designs. You can search for stock medallions on Google and you will find many sports medallions on the websites of custom medallion makers. The stock medallion is a fixed model design however we can put the logo and the name of the event on the medals, and some patterns or words on the back of the medals. Another feature of these stock medals is that the production time is very fast. Generally, the delivery can be  on the same day or the next day, very suitable for  some urgent events. Stock medallions are already designed before you make an order for them. And we have gone through the processes of manufacturing those earlier. These are the reasons why we can produce the stock medals chosen by you faster than ever. You might want to reap the full benefit from a stock medal as you do with the custom medals. This could be your reason for searching for a custom medallion maker. However, you can get the medallions delivered fast and you can reap the full benefit of the custom medals because you can customize the name and logo anyway. This way you can put your logo and your texts on the medal and simply use them for marketing and other purposes. Do your homework then you will find your custom medallion maker.

1.2 Find your custom medallion maker.

custom made medallions

If the number of orders exceeds 50pcs, you can consider purchasing from a foreign Real source custom medallion maker. Every game is special, so your medals should also be different and unique based on the type of event or game you are hosting. And a custom medallion maker can provide you with great personalized customization that you desire and need. A custom medallion maker will materialize your imagination and enable you to get the best out of those medallions. No matter what your purpose is for using the medallions or whatever the event is all about, you can always expect the best results from the custom medallions. Personalized customization gives different styles to the medals. We can design unique medals according to the theme logo and the name of the event for you. The shape of the medal can be any shape you want or any shape you can think of. And you can customize the size and thickness according to your need.

1.3 Diversity of the medal process.

custom enamel pins no minimum

The medal process is diversified. Soft enamel, hard enamel, glitter color, transparent color, glow-in-the-dark color, etc. There are several plating colors for medals, gold/silver/copper, antique gold/silver/ copper, Spray colors, and Matt gold/silver/copper. You can always be creative with medallions and you can always start something new in the area of medallions. No specific rules are set by any authority when it comes to medallions. As a result, Break the norm and use your own shape,color and design. And for that, you will need to find your custom medallion maker, and here we are in your service. If you are one of those creative persons who always imply creativity in all spheres of life and want to use the creativity on medals too then we are the right custom medallion maker for you and we will use our years of experience to bring out the best results from your creativity.

1.4 Mold costs.

There will be some mold costs if you decide to go with customized medals. Because the patterns of each customized medal are quite different and a new mold is required for each order for different medallions. The mold costs are based on the size of the medal, 2D or 3D, single-sided or double-sided. Since we need to use a different amount of mold in different sizes, the prices vary based on that.

1.5 Lead time of customized medals.

Custom Halloween Medal

The production time of 50-200 customized medals is generally 10-15 days. The time length depends on the difficulty of the medals. If the pattern of the medals is simple and the activity time is urgent, the order can be priority processed in the production line and will be completed within 1 week. The more complications we will have to go through for manufacturing the medals, the more time it will take. If you want to know the accurate estimated time that we will need then you will have to provide us with all the details for the medallions you want to look forward to. Once we take a look at the details and evaluate the requirements, we will be able to decide how many days it will take for us to finish the job. And then we will be able to let you know the exact estimated time for the production. However, we always put priority on your orders that you need urgently. As we always focus on making sure of our client’s satisfaction, we will never forget to prioritize the order you need urgently.

1.6 How are these customized medals are delivered?

In terms of transportation, most customized medals will be transported by express delivery (DHL, FedEx, ups, and TNT). With priority service, the transportation time is usually 3-5 days from China to the customer. And with economy, the transportation time will be slightly longer (6-10 days). The supplier will choose the suitable transportation service according to the date requested by the customer. We make sure to pack the products in such a way that they will remain intact condition no matter whatever way you choose for transportation. Our packaging system keeps the products safe from any type of internal or external damage during the transportation process. Therefore, you can order medals from a custom medallion maker like us.

2. Find your custom medallion maker and make sure they are not trader.

2.1 Google helps.

To find your custom medallion maker, you can search on Google for a lot of information, including Real source custom medallion makers and traders. If we want to find one with a competitive price, guaranteed quality, and delivery time, we need to find a real source medal maker to produce medals for us.

2.2 The strength of a real source custom medallion maker.

Real source custom medallion maker has a complete production process from artwork to shipping. The complete process has the great initiative to ensure the customer’s delivery date. The factory can freely mobilize personnel from various departments to catch up with the goods. The supervisor can also give instructions on which orders have to go through the VIP channel to ensure that urgent orders can be shipped according to the delivery date. The delivery date is very important for an event. The date of each game is determined. The competition date will not be changed except for some special reasons; the customized medals of the customer must arrive at the designated place 1-2 days before the event to ensure that the participants get the medals after the competition. This is why you need to find a real source custom medallion maker who are capable of on-time delivery. If the manufacturer misses the delivery time then the medallion will be of no use. A real custom medallion maker cares for the reputation they built over the years. They are more serious about the work. However, a trader is not always worried about his reputation because they are just looking for easy money. This is why they are not as trustworthy as a custom medallion maker like us.

2.3 Find your custom medallion maker to save money.

In terms of price, traders do not have their factories. After they get orders from customers, they send them to other factories to produce customized medals. They will add 10-20% to the prices quoted by the factories and then re-quote to the customers. They earn profits from this, which leads to a 10-20% increase in the customer’s cost. Real source custom medallion maker has competitive prices. The factory purchases raw materials by itself, and then delivers them in one-stop production, greatly reducing production costs. The factory has factory rent and pays employees’ wages and other environmental protection expenses. Therefore, the factory needs stable customers to place orders to maintain normal operation, and the factory will give a very competitive price to stabilize customers so that the factory can have enough orders to maintain these expenses. This is why you will not get the best value for money if you go with the traders for purchasing medallions. If you want the most affordable and competitive price then you will need to go with a real custom medallion maker. They will not break your bank and hopefully, you will get the best products within your budget. This is why you need to go through the stock medallions of a source medals manufacturer or simply contact them and let them know your requirements and budget so that they can produce the best medals fitting your budget.

2.4 Find your custom medallion maker to ensure the best quality.

In terms of quality, QC posts are set up in each process of Real source custom medallion maker. Before moving to the next stage, the QC of the current department will check whether the quality of each customized medal meets the standards one by one. If there are defective products, they will be fed back to the Department Director for remedial treatment, and the selected medals will be transferred to the next department. When the medals are ready for packing, the packing staff will take 3-5 medals to the department head for review. After confirming that there is no problem, the department head will sign, and then the factory manager will verify again to ensure that everything is OK before packing and shipping. But this is not the same case for a trader. A trader simply buys the medallions from someone else and then sells again it to you. This is why they do not have any control over the quality at all. Whatever the quality of the product is, they will simply toss it to the customer by adding extra money. This is why go with the real custom medallion maker like us if you want the best quality medallions.

2.5 Find your custom medallion maker if you want a good service.

In terms of service, traders win by developing more customers. They can connect with many customers at the same time, so they can’t serve every customer well in terms of service, and their response will not be timely.Traders focus on developing more customers. For real source medallion makers, their focus is on how to serve every customer well, so that they can do business for a long time. Each factory has a limited production capacity.As long as they have stable customers and enough orders, they do not focus on developing more customers. This is why you will get the best customer service from custom medallions makers. On the other hand, the traders will fail to give proper priority to your needs and desires for medallions because of facing too many customers. Therefore, only real custom medallion makers like us can provide you 100% satisfaction guarantee.

3. How to differentiate which factory has the most advantage in producing medals when finding your custom medallion maker?

3.1 What’s on the top of the product list really matters.

To find your custom medallion maker, first of all, you can browse the website of Real source custom medallion makers. The products placed at the top of the product list are the most advantageous products of the factory. Some manufacturers will put the medals first, some will put the lapel pins first, and some will put the key rings or commemorative coins first. If customers want to purchase customized medals, they need to find the manufacturers that put the medals first. They have many advantages in making customized medals. All you have to do is observe properly and you will understand easily if you look through it properly. It is not that hard to check.

3.2 Minimum order quantity

Confirm the minimum order quantity of the factory. Some factories request the minimum order quantity is 100. Some are 50 and some are 20. We match the manufacturers according to the number of our orders

3.3 Ways to check the quality of medals from your medallion maker.

To understand the quality of their customized medals, we can ask Real source custom medallion makers to send some product pictures they have done before. Through the product pictures, we can see the quality of the products and whether they can meet our quality requirements. Or you can ask for some samples so that you can check the quality in person. However, the samples of customized medals are free, the customer need to bear the transportation cost.

3.4 Feedback, certification and award.

You can also check their review section. If they have good reviews given by previous customers then you can think that they are trustworthy. They will also have multiple payment methods and a good transparent business policy. If you come across some certifications and awards they received because of producing the best quality medallions and trophies then this is a great sign. You can also check their FAQ section to get your questions answered.

About us

To find your custom medallion maker, Metal Awards Factory is the one you can trust. As a renowned Chinese custom medallion maker, we enjoy reputation both home and abroad for high quality products. You can go through a huge collection of stock medals on our website and you can make an order for them at an affordable price to get them urgently. You can also order custom medallions from us with your own requirements and we will materialize your imagination. We are capable of fulfilling any requirements given by our clients because we have been doing it for more than 10 years now and more than 80 workers are working relentlessly in our factory. You will get the best value for money if you purchase from us because we are a custom medallion maker who manufactures the products and sells them. This is why you will not have to face any middleman or trader who will break your bank.

We do all the processes in our factory by ourselves with much focus and care from drawing, engraving, molding, mold polishing, die casting, and product polishing, to elector-sparkling. Of course, we never compromise with the quality check as a custom medallion maker. We go through the quality checking process more than once for plating quality checking, enameling quality checking, ribbon, and packaging quality checking so that we can offer our clients full satisfaction by providing them with the best quality products that can take care of all their needs. We have been working on our 3600 square meters workshop since 2013 by strictly maintaining ISO 9002:2015 quality management system. And this is how we built a partnership with more than 60 companies all around the world as renowned custom medallion makers.

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