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The Best Challenge Coin Maker

Challenge coins are not ordinary coins because they are given to important people. And the coins can have them feel special. These coins are used as commemorative gifts. These are the reasons that the challenge coins are offered to people who participated in important events. Also to those great people who brought great significance to a community or nation.
This is why challenge coins are quite popular in the military. It has been a great tradition in the military for decades. As these coins represents so many things. They represent the positions of military personnel from small unit members to top-ranking leaders. Some soldiers receive the coins for their bravery in missions and other heroic tasks. These are the reasons why they like to collect and show off challenge coins to other soldiers. They even take the coins with them when they are going to get drinks with other corps members.

1. Why people need the best challenge coin maker

These challenge coins are also widely used in special events . They are used in graduation ceremonies, non-military leaders, and anniversaries.
Challenge coin has a huge impact on these events. Mainly used to commemorate these special events. As we know, most challenge coins are meant to make some great people feel special. We cannot expect anything less in terms of quality from these coins. If we want to make people feel special by offering them something then that thing should be special as well.
So, the product quality and delivery of a good Challenge coin maker are closely related to the success of your activities. If they are going to offer a sense of achievement to the receivers then they cannot but be quite elegant. And if you want to buy the best quality challenge coins, you will need to find the best challenge coins manufacturer. Only manufacturer can make the highest quality coins for your events based on your needs

2. Qualities of the best challenge coin maker – Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd

A. Best challenge coins quality

A qualified challenge coin maker production line should be equipped with QC personnel. During products are in the production line, the department head and QC personnel should spot-check the quality of the challenge coin from time to time. If they find improper factory operation or poor quality, they will timely supervise and correct it. This is exactly what our QC personnel do.

They take their job quite seriously and do the job with full responsibility. They are highly experienced and these positions are given to them because of their years of experience in this sector. Their years of experience in challenge coin manufacturing and dedication to the job help us in ensuring the high quality of our challenge coins.

Before the Challenge coin moves to the next production line, each semi-finished product is handed over to the next department only after passing the QC inspection one by one. The next department also needs to check the products one by one before accepting the challenge coins and can sign after confirming that the quality of each product is OK. Our QC personnel checks the quality in each department because if we only focus on checking the quality at the end of the manufacturing then we will have many challenge coins that required inspection earlier. Or we might miss a tiny detail that we could see if we inspected the coins earlier at the beginning of the production line. This is why we make no compromise in inspecting the coins in each process. The thorough quality control system in our company makes us one of the best challenge coin makers.

After the challenge coin has completed all the production lines and is ready for shipment, the head of the packaging department should check whether the challenge coin is made completely according to the requirements of the guests and whether the quality is all OK.

After the department head confirms, the production manager should finally sign for confirmation before shipment. This is the part where we not only ensure the quality of the manufactured products but also ensure the satisfaction of all our clients by inspecting all the aspects of all the challenge coins.

This is the part when we take the list of the requirements given by our clients and go through them one by one just to make sure that the challenge coins properly match all the requirements handed out to us by our clients. Making high-quality challenge coins that do not align with the requirements of the customers is pointless because customers are not going to be happy when they will receive something that they did not look forward to even when the quality is great. This is why we take this part of our job quite seriously.

We also make sure that the quality remains intact during the transportation process. This is why we also focus on doing quality packaging with proper care and good packaging methods.

Only when the challenge coin makers have all the points mentioned above, the customers can trust them to produce challenge coin orders for their events or any other purpose. And we strictly maintain all the points mentioned above. This is why we are one of the best challenge coin makers of this time. Our QC control department always assists us in ensuring customer satisfaction. We believe that it is the reason why our reputation has spread far and wide.

B. Reliability

custom coins

Since the establishment of our factory in 2013, the factory has gone through all legitimate experience formalities, business licenses, tax registration certificates, import and export business rights, and the lease contract of the factory, which shows that we are qualified to challenge coin creators.

We are always making proper use of the latest technology available for manufacturing the best challenge coins. With all these years of experience, we are better at producing challenge coins.

Since 2013, we have not just upgraded our working environment with the best technology but also gained experiences that honed our skills. With these years of skills, we are capable of manufacturing any design with any requirements that the customers can throw at us. This makes us quite reliable to all the customers who are looking forward to ordering challenge coins with any type of custom or special requirements.

With the development of industrial manufacturing, pollution to the environment is becoming more and more serious. China has responded to international environmental protection laws promptly to effectively reorganize and transform China’s manufacturing industry. The wastewater generated inside the challenge coin factory cannot be discharged outside. It needs to be collected in a fixed storage pool and then recycled to a special department for purification treatment.

The industrial waste generated inside the challenge coin factory cannot be discarded. Instead, a waste room should be built in the challenge coin factory to store the industrial waste for professional departments to recycle. We maintain these rules and regulations properly so that we can keep our environment safe from all harmful substances. We fulfill all the responsibilities that come with running this challenge coin-manufacturing factory. And, we try our best to minimize any pollution to the environment by taking all the necessary steps.

We have cooperated with large global companies to supply medals, challenge coins, lapel pins, and so on. The most representative company in the United States is Crown Awards. We have cooperated for seven years. The most representative company in the United Kingdom is Running IMP. We have also cooperated for five years. There are also large companies in other countries, so we will not list them one by one. These large companies have cooperated with us for many years and they have always placed many orders in our company for mass production, which shows that our factory has many advantages, such as price, quality, service, and delivery date are recognized by customers.

If we failed to offer the best price, quality, and service then we would not be able to work with these renowned companies from all over the globe. Our business relationship with many companies all around the world has been continuing for more than a decade because of our reliability.

We have always been highly reliable to all our clients and this is why our customers are still growing and we have become a trusted source of challenge coins for thousands of buyers. We give our hearts and souls to keeping all our customers fully contented with the challenge coins they order.

C. Stability


At the beginning of 2013, our factory only had 5 workers. After 9 years of development, the challenge coin factory has 80 employees, and the business department has 12 business personnel who connect with customers. The company is still growing because of our reputation in the challenge coins manufacturing industry.

We have been satisfying all our clients with our quality, price, and service system since the inception of our company. This is why our company is still growing faster than ever.

As an excellent challenge coin maker, it is necessary to have a perfect production process from drawing production to packaging and shipping.

Each department has professional technicians and QC personnel, who control the quality of each product layer by layer, and won’t ship a nonconforming product. Each section that handles the production processes is organized properly with a good chain of commands who supervise and work relentlessly every day to manufacture the perfect challenge coins that give meaning to the lives of people who receive them on different occasions.

We have organized our staff members into different teams to focus on each production process.

In this way, they can keep their focus undisturbed since they are handling only one section under their supervision. In this way the quality of challenge coins and other products we manufacture become the highest quality as a whole since they are made with proper focus on each step. This keeps us consistent in manufacturing the best challenge coins.

We will provide a quotation within 1-2 hours after receiving the inquiry from the customer.

After receiving the challenge coin design drawing from the customer, we can complete the manufacture artwork to confirm with the customer within the time of the day. If there is any change in the drawing, we will modify the drawing within 2 hours and confirm with the customer again. The whole process is effortless for the customers and they do not have to worry at all regarding the overall process.

Our staff members in the customer care section are super friendly and they are always looking forward to hearing from you. You can let them know all your requirements and they will do a full inspection and evaluate your requirements for challenge coins thoroughly. This way we start to build a stable relationship with our clients.

A stable relationship with our clients helps us to communicate better and better communication means a better understanding of requirements. This way we can dive deep into the minds of our clients and learn about all the requirements they have within their minds regarding challenge coins. A stable relationship is where it all begins.

D. Price

We have our challenge coin factory. We complete the whole production process from the manufacturer’s purchase of raw materials to the following, so our price is more competitive than that of traders.

Traders usually purchase from other manufacturers and then hand over those challenge coins to the customers by adding some extra price for their benefits. But you won’t have to face that issue if you purchase challenge coins from us. You will be getting the best price of challenge coin in the market.


Since we manufacture and sell, we believe that we offer the most affordable rate with the highest quality. This is why we can continue our business internationally. This is the place where you will get the best value for money while purchasing challenge coins.

 The challenge coin factory has stable workers and fixed equipment, so it needs to get more customers and win more orders to maintain the normal operation of the factory. Therefore, it adopts the marketing method of small profits but quick turnover, stabilizing existing customers with the lowest price, and developing new customers to develop the factory to grow continuously. And you can seize this opportunity for yourself to get the best challenge coins within your budget with your custom requirements from your imagination.

The following is a price reference for a general challenge coin. By taking a look at this, you will have a basic idea about how much it might cost to manufacture the challenge coins. However, we can only send you the accurate cost estimate when we get your requirements in our hands. So, we look forward to hearing from you regarding your challenge coins order.

Item: Challenge coin

Material: Zinc alloy

Process: Die casting no soft enamel filling

Attachment: None

Plating: Antique gold/silver/copper

Size: 38.1*3mm

Qty: 200pcs

Unit price: USD0.28

Mold charge: USD80 (Single side)

Shipping cost: USD depends on the Country

E. Certificates

Our challenge coin factory has passed ISO 9001:2015, Sedex, and environmental protection certification.


MOQ is very important for customers. There are both large events and small events. Customers want better service terminals to get more orders, so orders of all sizes are acceptable. There are many challenges coin makers MOQ are 100pcs.

For many customers, the requirements for MOQ 100pcs are a little high. We know that there are many competitions with 20-50 people. Therefore, to meet more customers’ requirements, our factory MOQ is 20pcs without MOQ fees, which can better cooperate with customers to get more orders. This way you will not have to worry about the quantity. You have the full freedom of ordering a small number of challenge coins based on the requirements of the events.

G. Fast delivery

The production time of challenge coin samples is 5-7 days.

The production time below 1000 pcs is 10-12 days

1001-3000pcs 15days

3001-5000pcs 18days.

If the customer does not reserve so much time, we can arrange for urgent orders to be placed in front of the production line to shorten the production time so that the customer can receive the medal before the event. We understand that sometimes you need challenge coins sooner than the usual time because the events might come up suddenly or you might have invested so much time in planning other things and missed out on ordering challenge coins earlier. In those scenarios, we will solve your

3. How to custom challenge coins from the Best Challenge Coin Maker 2022 – Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd

A. Provide us with a design drawing. If there is no draft design drawing,

B. Tell us the size of the challenge coin , the normal size is  25.4/38.1/44.45/50.8/57.15/63.5/69.85/76.2MM, etc.

C. Choose the electroplating color of the challenge coin. The commonly used electroplating colors are: Shiny gold/silver/copper, Matt gold/silver/copper, Antique gold/silver/copper, and Spray color (bug, red, black, white, etc)

D. Provide the quantity of challenge coin, challenge coin makers will offer shipping costs based on the quantity.

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